As of January 1st 2005, AB 920 requires that:

* Sellers and their agents verify - near their signature on the disclosure form - that either the information is correct to the best of their knowledge, or they exercised "good faith" in choosing a disclosure provider, did not independently ascertain data and have not learned of any inaccuracies.

* Sellers and agents disclose whether the property is adjacent to an industrial site or affected by a nuisance related to such a site.

* A second signature line be put on the natural hazard disclosure form since many houses are jointly owned.

* A standard disclosure be made for an "airport influence area" to replace local requirements.

Existing law requires home sellers in California to disclose on a form whether their property lies within a special flood zone, areas of potential flooding, very high fire hazard severity zone, wildland area that may contain substantial fire risks and hazards, earthquake fault zone or seismic hazard zone.

While the form highlights key necessary disclosures, state law broadly mandates that sellers reveal anything that could affect property value or a purchase decision.